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We have had several requests from fundraising organizations to sign-up merchants in “their” city or near-by communities. Click Club USA is more than happy to sign-up 15 to 20 merchants in your area however, WE NEED YOU HELP: Before these merchants commit any deals to our program they request that they have verification of the local fundraising organization.

To become an interested fundraiser in your community please download the “Fundraising Agreement” (see our “fundraiser” section of our Website) and fill-out the information and fax back to 1-800-343-9760. There is no obligation to join and our Staff will later contact you with more information after the merchants in your area have been selected.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.


Click Club USA has risen over $10,800 in food for the CAP AGENCY for the local metro area food shelves. Thanks to all those who participated in the “Race for Hunger” at Raceway
Park - we have re-stocked many shelves for families in need.

Thank you for supporting your local food shelves!!

Sincerely, Click Club USA


Don't forget that your Click Club USA deals are updated on a monthly basis. Please browse through our Website for NEW deals. Also, if you know of any Fundraisers who need a great program that offers not only great deals but also up-to 67% profits to Fundraisers. Please call or email us and we will set-up a time to meet with your group and show you what we are all about.

IMPORTANT - Membership Disclaimer

Click Club USA receives formal authorization from each location to publish the specified deal – in fact, many of our Merchants manage their own ads on our website. However, due to conditions beyond our control which may include but are not limited to; turnover of managers, employees, changes of ownership and even the closing of businesses, Click Club USA cannot control the changes as it relates to each merchant’s business environment.

IMPORTANT: Therefore, if for any reason a merchant does not honor a specific offer as detailed – please contact us immediately so that we may contact the Merchant to resolve your concern. Call us at 952-226-2373 or simply email us by using the “Contact Us” section on our Website.

Your communication is what maintains the quality and integrity of deals. In addition, if you are attempting to redeem a deal that is over $50.00 or requires a reservation – please call to verify that the establishment will validate the deal.

Thank you for your understanding and communication.

Sincerely, Click Club USA Customer Service